Constituency                                SHIKARIPUR


Party                                              BJP


Date of Birth                                 27/02/1943


Marital Status                                Married


Spouse Name                                 Smt. Mythradevi


No. of Sons                                         2


No. of Daughters                               3         


Educational Qualification                  B.A


Permanent Address                          Mulerkeri, Shikaripura


Positions Held                                   Opposition Leader, Karnataka Legislative



Other Information                              Agriculturist by profession; was Councilor in 1975; was President of Town Municipality, Shikaripura; social worker; served for the development of the city imprisoned during Emergency;    served   actively    for    the     re-habilitation   on  the   bonded  labourers;  ex-president of state B.J.P; Member of Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Assembly; served as Leader of Opposition Party in Tenth Assembly; Member of Legislative Council for the period 17.06.2000 to 10.06.2004.